Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Sorg 15 Runabout WILLOW 04 Dec 19 Morning Coffee

04 Dec 19:

We needed to borrow WILLOW's trailer so we launched her and took a little cruise with some coffee. 50F with light winds, saw a few pelicans.

Put her on the lift. Now that the Summer Sauna and Hurricane Seasons are over we can get a little lapstrake time.

Took the trailer for a ride to check out a nearby Sunfish, WAVE had a few words of encouragement to say before we left.

Marine Traffic Control board updated.

Log of WILLOW.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Grumman Canoe Rudder Bracket

03 Dec 19:

Looking for a rudder bracket for our Grumman 17 Double Ender canoe SCOUT. It is held on by one bolt that goes through the stern stem cap.

Log of Scout.

Saturday, November 30, 2019

1953 Alcort Sailfish Brochure

30 Nov 19:

Lots of information to be gleaned from these old brochures, like they made cars sturdier back then.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Kayak Fun

27 Nov 19:

Took out CLARK and SACAGAWEA to chase dolphin. They swam faster than we could paddle.


Wednesday, November 27, 2019

1965 Alcort Sunfish WAVE 27 Nov 19 Second Coat Primer

27 Nov 19:

Sanded the fairing compound with 60 grit on a random orbital sander.

Applied second coat of TotalBoat Topside Primer with a Mighty Mini roller cover.

The chine repair has a small depression, I'll build that up with a little more TotalFair.

Missed on spot on the transom too.

The mid hull repair is looking great.

Log of WAVE.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

1965 Alcort Sunfish WAVE 26 Nov 19 TotalBoat TotalFair

26 Nov 19:

Trimmed off the strings and paint stick prior to sanding.

Mixed equal amounts of TotalFair epoxy based fairing compound, applied with a spreader to fill low spots on the hull.

Log of WAVE.

Monday, November 25, 2019

1965 Alcort Sunfish WAVE 25 Nov 19 TotalBoat Topside Primer

25 Nov 19:

Trimmed the strings and removed the paint sticks, sometimes bits get left behind in the epoxy. Those will get sanded off.

WAVE was moved outside on the finishing dolly for sanding with 60 grit on our random orbital sander, we used the French doors today.

Sanded the repair areas to get them flush. While I was sanding I found an area that I missed, so I made another blind hole patch for that.

WAVE is all different colors, which makes it harder to see areas that need to be faired, so we put on a "Show Coat" of primer, to show us where the hills and valleys are. We used TotalBoat Topside Primer applied with a Mighty Mini roller cover, all available from Jamestown Distributors.

She's mostly one color now!

Log of WAVE.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

1965 Alcort Sunfish WAVE 23 Nov 19 Blind Hole Patch Installation

23 Nov 19:

WAVE has a few areas of fiberglass damage, some will require that blind hole patches be installed inside the hull, where the area is not accessible from the other side. To do this we followed the LASER PERFORMANCE Repair Manual and made blind patches, they are inserted through the hole in the hull, pulled snug against the inside of the hull with strings and tied off until the epoxy dries.

WAVE has crushed fiberglass on her chine that will need to be removed and replaced. We'll file it out with a diamond file.

There are a couple of spots where there are gelcoat cracks, we'll skim over those with a sealer coat of thickened epoxy.

I made a mistake installing a transom drain plug, the plan is to repair the transom and get rid of the big hole at the waterline.

Aft keel.

Bailer hole.

A walkaround.

Good shop tables are hard to find!

We filed out the broken fiberglass bits, then sanded the edges with 60 grit on a DeWalt random orbital sander, hooked to a Dust Deputy cyclone and ShopVac. We taper the edges down so that fiberglass cloth can be overlapped. Protective gear includes a hat, goggles, respirator, gloves and a long shirt.

The starboard forward block is loose, we'll push it back in to place after the bottom is fixed.

The center forward foam block is in good shape.

We get a lot of our supplies from Jamestown Distributors, and they picked us to be on their Ambassador Team. We use their TotalBoat products alot and like them, they ship free and the cost is low. They provide some of the products free for us to use, we like that, especially the THIXO, very happy with its performance.

We also like to take the shipping boxes and repurpose them, today this box will be cut up to make up a blind patch.

The blind patch consists of a cardboard backer, that helps keep the woven roving fiberglass cloth stiff. The entire patch gets saturated with thickened epoxy, strings pull the patch flush against the inside of the hull.

We put copious amounts of TotalBoat THIXO on the cardboard, then lay the woven roving fiberglass cloth over the top of that and press the cloth down into the THIXO.

More THIXO is dispensed onto the blind patch.

The patches are inserted into the hull and pulled tight against the inside, tied off with the strings to keep the backer in place while the epoxy dries.

Added THIXO to the edges of the bailer hole.

We might try something different, use a thick layer of THIXO to replace the fiberglass cloth. I'll have a better idea when I sand the repair.

Log of WAVE.