Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Fred's Penobscot 14 "Deja Vu Too"

When we started building our Penobscot 14 I was lucky enough to find a local gent who had built 2. I went to visit and got to see his beautiful craft Deja Vu Too. Seems his first P14 is missing in action after Hurricane Ivan swept it from underneath his house. Maybe we'll find it someday but that is another story.

So Fred built the second P14 and it went out to Madisonville, LA and won the Best Sailboat Award there. His boats are used almost daily, he loves to row and has put over 1200 miles on them around his backyard bay. Deja Vu Too got a new interior finish on the planks and stringers after a mildew attack, and she still looks stunning. Fred used oak,mahogany and spanish cedar for the seats and rail cap. He made the oars out of cherry and built a nice rowing station as well.

(image credit: Fred)

(image credit Fred)

Fred also built a nice motor launch as well, which won the Best Of Show Award at Madisonville. ANd he dabbles in Weekend Skiff variants.

Here are a few detail shots to help out fellow P14 builders. Enjoy!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Barbashela Bow Seat Table

Well Skipper misses Barbashela and wanted a table for the front porch, so I took the patterns and templates from the restoration and made the first 2 feet of the bow, minus a few planks and the outwale.

It was the first time to use the frame pattern, I poked a few holes with an awl and the frames came out great.

Used the stem pattern to get the rake and sweep angles.

I also had a full size pattern for the bow seat, so I cut that out from 2 pieces of cypress and tacked the inner stem, bow seat and frames together. The seat is held together underneath with cleats. Next I roughed out the bottom planks, and used the Table of Offsets to set the distance from bow (station) and breadth of the frames. Once I could see where the frame feet sat, I added 15/16 inch to either side from frame to bow, that would be where the mini planks rested. Then I cut out the outer stem and held it in position with the mini planks and bottom plank. Everything got fastened with #10 silicone bronze screws. Edges were radiused with a 1/8 inch roundover bit on a compact router or random orbital sander with 60 grit pad. This detail gives the piece a little age and makes it pleasing to look at, vs sharp edges everywhere. The outer stem was shaped with a belt sander. The last small detail was a to cut a small cove along the face of the seat riser, barely noticeable but faithful to Barbashela's design.

Paint is next, Valspar Ultra aklyd enamel Swiss Coffee and Whipped Apricot.

St. Jacques Log 05 Dec 16

05 Dec 16:

Did a little sanding with the random orbital sander and some 60 grit pads to remove wayward epoxy. Ran down most of the port side and the keel. It evened out the wood color a bit and now we may try some sealer and varnish in the bulkhead area to see if we like how the bright finish looks over okume and cypress. If we don't like it, then the finish will be paint. We tried some Cetol but the look didn't float my boat.

Also found a nice piece of cypress for the rudder blade.

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Sunday, December 4, 2016

St. Jacques Log 04 Dec 16

04 Dec 16:

Used painter paper to make a pattern for Penobscot 14 "St. Jacques" centerboard. Dimensions came from the plans.

Used painter paper to make a pattern for Penobscot 14 "St. Jacques" rudder and rudder head. Dimensions came from the plans.

Used the dimensions from Arch's plans to make a pattern for Penobscot 14 "St. Jacques" rudder and rudder head.

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Barbashela Log 17 Nov 16

17 Nov 16:

We finished the touch up paint, installed the bell and took Barbashela out for Sea Trials, Take 3. We wanted to get some good photos with our digital SLR before she headed back to Beauvoir in Biloxi. Once again she rowed and paddled with ease.

Skipper paddled first, from the stern seat. I was moveable ballast.

Then I rowed a bit.

We've had a great time bringing Barbashela back to life!

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