Sunday, June 23, 2019

1980 Drascombe Lugger ONKAHYE 23 Jun 19 Honnor Marine Hull Number 1177

23 Jun 19:

ONKAHYE was Lugger hull number 1177 for Honnor Marine, built in Totnes 1980. She also has her US assigned HIN engraved onto the transom.


Wilcox and Crittenden Foghorn

23 Jun 19:

Because we didn't have one...Wilcox and Crittenden Foghorn...everyone else has one, right?

Friday, June 21, 2019

1971 O'Day Day Sailer II CYANE 21 Jun 19 Tabernacle Lower Mast Clamp

21 Jun 19:

CYANE has a tabernacle mast, and the lower mast section that goes through the cuddy down to the mast step needs to be secured so it does not come loose when raising or lowering the mast. Capn Jack had an ingenious solution, he put a rubber washer and hose clamp around the mast, just under the cuddy top, that way it could not be pulled out. But clamps not being what they used to be in the saltwater environment, it rusted out after only 19 years. We replaced it with a new marine grade stainless clamp.

Here is the clamp and the rubber washer. The washer insulates the stainless clamp from the aluminum mast, preventing dissimilar metal corrosion.

Working in the cuddy, we found it easier to put the clamp and washer on loosely down low, then slide it up to underneath the cuddy top.

Once the clamp was up at the top, we tightened the nut with a socket on a nut driver, easier than using a screwdriver.

The DS II mast step is about 1 inch high and affixed to the floor, the mast nestles over the top of it. We saw no indication of fasteners to secure the mast to the step.

Ready for the next adventure

Log of CYANE.

The O'Day Day Sailer

21 Jun 19:

The boat that built a company....from a 1981 advert by Bangor Punta Marine...

1981: "Olympic Gold Medal sailor George O'Day had a vision. a swift, easily sailed boat that could be built efficiently and at modest cost of low-maintenance materials. He went up to Uffa Fox, a versatile small boat designer with his parameters and the Day Sailer was born.

That was 25 years ago, and the Day Sailer II still has the same hull and sailplan as the original, but a superb boat has been made even better. The mast is now stepped on a tabernacle for easier rigging off the trailer. Cockpit and deck are designed for high buoyancy for self-rescuing in the event of a capsize. The cockpit has a built in ice box, provision for an outboard engine fuel tank, and a self bailer.

Both deck and cockpit colors are a soft, non-glare cream. And the hull and sail stripe are color-coordinated.

But what made the O'Day Day Sailer an instant success over 25 years is the soundness of her now classic design. This is the boat that quite rightly claims to have started American families daysailing.

Her handling is responsive without being skittish. Her powerful rig offers wonderful opportunity for speed, yet the novice will feel comfortable with her as sailing skills develop.

There's the safety of built-in permanent foam flotation, and a non-skid surface molded into seats, deck and cockpit sole. And she's remarkably stable, even in a stiff breeze.

You see Day Sailers everywhere, there are over 12,000 of them and they can be taken anywhere. And launched in less than a foot of water.

If you'd like to get together with other Day Sailer owners, you won't have any trouble finding them. At last count, there were 89 organized Day Sailer fleets across the country."

Standard Features:
Pleasure Group -
All hardware non-corrosive or stainless steel
Boom crutch
Built in icebox
Cockpit drain plug
Kick up rudder
Main and jib
Mooring and trailing bow eye
Storage locker
Transom designed for outboard
One year warranty

Accent Group -
Multi color coordinated sail and stripes
Anodized mast and boom

Safety Group -
Mast is filled with flotation
Non-skid deck and seats
Positive foam flotation
Roller reefing gooseneck (*needs reefing claw)
Self bailing cockpit
Self rescuing
Stainless steel rigging with swaged terminals
Thru bolted mooring cleats
Cockpit inspection/bailing ports

Performance Group -
Adjustable jib sheet leads
Best dacron running rigging
Quick relese cam cleat for mainsheet and jibsheets
Stainless steel turnbuckles

Options -
Block action outhaul
Boom vang
Cowl vent
Tiller extension - adjustable length
Wood cuddy enclosure - lockable

Editor's Note: Bangor Punta Marine was one of 8 builders of the Day Sailer through the years. The first builder was O'Day Manufacturing, other builders include Can-AM Sailcraft, Rebel, Spindrift, Precision, McLaughlin, Sunfish/Laser Inc. The current builder is Cape Cod Shipbuilding Company, give Wendy a call and order your new Day Sailer!

1971 O'Day Day Sailer II CYANE

Log of CYANE.

Image and Text Credits: Bangor Punta Marine

Friday, June 14, 2019

Alcort Standard Sailfish Spar Dimensions

14 JUN 19:

Gathered some measurements of the sail rig from our Alcort Standard Sailfish WINNIE. But first we compared the 65 square foot sail to a Super Sailfish 75 sf sail.

Gaff and boom are 12' 8". Spruce.

Wilcox and Crittenden bronze boom blocks are set at 6' and 10', fastened with integral screws.

Interconnecting hardware.

Boom and gaff are just over 1 1/2" diameter.

Tapered down to 15/16th inch starting 3 inches from the end, with 3/16th inch bee hole 1 inch from the end.

Mast 9' 7". Spruce and T6061 Aluminum. Sheave set at 9' 3 1/2".

Lower 4 feet is aluminum.

Diameter 2 1/4 inches. Taper to top starts at 6', from 2 1/4 inches down to 1 3/4 inches at top.

1 3/4 inches at top, with 1 3/4 inch sheave.

Maybe the coolest sail ever.

Log of WINNIE.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Grumman 17 Canoe SCOUT 07 Jun 19 Sea Trials

07 Jun 19

Took the Grumman out for a test sail. She ran fast downwind, wouldn't tack but gybed just fine. Had a blast, the sail worked great.

We were just goofing around, but now we want to experiment with a leeboard and a rudder.

Log of SCOUT.