Sunday, June 10, 2018

Willow Bank Yacht Club Sunfish

10 Jun 18:

Dropped by the WBYC to heck out their Sunfish fleet, they have just a few of them. Nice day for racing.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

1978 AMF Sunfish SUGAR 2 07 Jun 18 Seam Epoxy Repair

07 Jun 18:

Time to seal up the seam on SUGAR 2. We cut some seam size strips of 4 oz fiberglass cloth, about 30 feet of it and wet them out with TotalBoat Low Viscosity THIXO. The seam was propped open with paint sticks about every three feet, that is a good length of strip to handle at one time. We also prepositioned clamps and paint sticks to clamp the seam. The paint sticks help even out the pressure from the clamps.

Next we put down a bead of THIXO in the seam to bed the fiberglass strips, laid in the strips, put another bead of THIXO on the top of the strips, than took out the paint sticks.

Clamps. Lots of them. And since we didn't have enough big clamps we made some cheap ones by cutting sections of 4 inch PVC pipe and slitting one side.

Log of SUGAR 2.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Penobscot 14 ST. JACQUES Cruise

06 Jun 18:

Took ST. JACQUES out for a row and sail, wind 12 gusting 15.

We keep a dime at the base of the mast for good luck.

Cleaned up and ready for a nap.


1978 AMF Sunfish SUGAR 2 06 Jun 18 Hull Repairs and Foam

06 Jun 18:

Sealed up the old transom plug with TotalBoat THIXO thickened epoxy on a cardboard backer plate. We find that as well as being drain holes they also make good leak holes.

Cut new cypress backer blocks for the bow handle and halyard cleat and fixed them in place with THIXO. Clamped the bow handle block and screwed in the cleat block.

To pour the 2 part expanding foam on top of the flotation blocks we use blue tape to make a trough, that keeps it mostly on top of the block while it expands and adheres.

We used TotalBoat 2 part foam and we also use FibreGlast 2 part 2 pound foam. Then we have to clamp fast so the deck seam does not get pushed open.

We poured the bow foam also and clamped the hood shut.

Log of SUGAR 2.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Pelican Premium Icon Kayaks

05 Jun 18:

We wanted a couple of kayaks, found that we liked the ease of getting on and off the sit on kayaks. The 10 foot Pelicans are fun to take out for a few miles and the open hull makes it easy for us to check for stowaway critters.

1978 AMF Sunfish SUGAR 2 Guts

05 Jun 18:

A few surgical procedures on SUGAR 2, we removed a rotten halyard cleat backer block and scooped out about 20 pounds of we expanding foam from the stern.

Here is the rotten backer block. Also in the picture is a strip of the fiberglass that was used to reseal the seam years ago after some work was done. It is very brittle and starved for resin, not sure what happened but it failed all the way around the seam, and we removed it all.

This is the yellow expanding foam used to secure the white flotation blocks. It tends to take on water quicker than the white blocks and holds on to it longer. When we get a boat it is faster to remove and replace vs months of trying to dry it our with warm air.

Log of SUGAR 2.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Sunfish Palooza

04 Jun 18:

WAVE and MADISON were up next on the Marine Traffic Control Board, nice light wind morning and a good time for some spring cleaning. We launched and drifted around for a bit.

1965 Alcort Sunfish WAVE with Skipper on the helm. The Riviera sail is our favorite color combo.

Nice breeze for ghosting.

We had fun sailing and when we got back WAVE and MADISON got a fresh water rinse down. While they were rigged we decided to work on another project, which was to get WAVE, MADISON and PHOENIX set up with their spars and blades and mark them so we know which set goes with each boat, each time, as they are set up just a bit different. The sails are easy, they match the boat, this will also help us figure out how many extra daggerboards and rudders we have, designate a spare set and use the others on restoration boats. So we rigged PHOENIX for the party.

We got all the parts sorted and then color coded the tips of the blades for each boat with a little shot of Rustoleum. We taped the line with blue painters tape, and added a couple of wraps to contain overspray, then shot on 4 coats.

Skipper sent me aloft to get a glamor shot. We really enjoy how easy the Sunfish is to maintain, store and sail, a classic since 1953.

Sunfish and Sailfish Sail Marlin Hitch

04 Jun 18:

So we would have been on the water in 5 minutes today but we had 3 broken sail clips. We gathered up spares, replaced the clips and headed out to sea.

So what on earth did sailors do before plastic sail clips? Well we know that Alcort boats had the sails laced on at one point with line, using a marlin hitch.

Then I noticed that the plastic clips are about a dollar a piece, and you need about 30. The Dacron line that we use costs 8 dollars.

(image credit: Dozer's buddy)