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13 Dec 18:

Small Boats Monthly is a digital publication put out by WoodenBoat, focused towards folks with boats that can be launched and retrieved easily, maintained and stared at the house.

Articles come from the WoodenBoat staff and from readers. From SBM "We also rely upon our readers—our community—to keep us informed of developments in the world of small boats. These subjects might include new equipment and techniques for boating and camping, people taking interesting trips, new water trails, and surprising topics that we might not have dreamed of."

Each month there is an Adventure Narrative, Boat Profiles, Reader Built Boats, Product Reviews and Techniques. There is also a Classified Section, Events Calendar and News & Curiosities section.

A subscription includes a monthly issue and access to all archived issues, back to 2014 when the publication started.

We subscribed a few years ago and then became freelance contributors, it has been fun working with Chris and the WoodenBoat team to pull together some fun and unusual articles. Our contributions so far:

Penobscot 14

Drascombe Lugger

Muck boots


Trailer Tires
Dynamic Dollies

Insignia Sailcloth
Barry King Mallet

ARTech Flashlight

Nov 2018

Dec 2018
Porter-Cable Cordless Wet/Dry Vac

"Each December, we publish a print magazine called Small Boats. It’s available on the newsstand and through the WoodenBoat Store, and is a selection of the content you’ll find in Small Boats Monthly."

Our Penobscot and Lugger articles are featured in the 2019 edition of Small Boats!

Jan 2019
Trailer Guide Posts

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