Alcort Sunfish WAVE

1965 Alcort Sunfish Wave has sailed Hawaii, Corpus Christi, Yuma, Grapevine and Pensacola. She is the first family Sunfish and the cover boat for our publication The Sunfish Owner's Manual.

From Small Boat Restoration

We modified Wave around 2014 with a new style rudder.

From Small Boat Restoration

04 Jun 18:

We painted WAVE about 4 years ago with Interlux Brightside Medium Blue, a polyurethane topside paint. We keep the boat covered when not in use and it is holding up great. We app;ied it with a foam roller and tipped it with a trim brush. The paint was thinned about 5% with a temp of around 75F.

04 Jun 18: Day sail then we color coded the blades for MADISON< PHOENIX and WAVE.

to be continued...

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