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A list of interesting and useful books, most can be found on Worldcat, the world's largest online catalog. Do a search for your title then enter your zipcode to check out the "Find a copy in the library" locator. Remember your library can also probably get your book through Inter Library Loan (ILL). Also, most state funded college libraries are open to the public. Worldcat also has a "Buy it" link in case you want to purchase the book.

See our complete small boat list on Worldcat

Here our list with cover page and Table of Contents. Also notes on what we found interesting from each of the books with page numbers.

Gardner, John, and Samuel F. Manning. 1978. The dory book.

All you need to know about dories. This book was a great help while we worked on Barbashela.

Leather, John. 1974. Clinker boatbuilding. Camden, ME: International Marine Publishing.

For boats under 20 feet. The author also illustrated the book.
Moisture content under 20 percent for construction, 15 percent or less to glue. Wood preservative from 1 part linseed oil and 2 parts paraffin. (16)
Bronze fasteners below the waterline, BS 1088 plywood. Grease the screw. (18)
Make grommets from caulking cotton, soaked with a little paint, to go under bolt heads and washers. (22)
Clench nail hammer blows sound sharper when nail tightens up. (25)
Think twice, cut once. (67)
Transom joints half lapped ot tongue and groove. (70)
Row locks placed 11-14 inches aft of after end of thwart. (132)
Bilge keels (runners) and whiskers protect high wear areas of strakes and bow. (156)
Discussion on fixed vs lifting rudders. (161)

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