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The Sunfish Owner's Manual

We wrote and published The Sunfish Owner's Manual December 2013, 140 pages of information with 230 color photographs.

There is an extensive chapter on Restoration, plus History, plus chapters on how to Buy, Rig, Sail, Maintain, Store, Transport and Sell the World's most popular boat, plus a Resources chapter.

The fun chapter is the Illustrated Glossary, all the nautical and Sunfish terms you need to know.

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Enjoy, and thanks for reading!
Kent and the Skipper

Zip, the little wooden sailboat

We wrote a children's book about our wooden Sunfish Zip.

From SBR 3: Jan 2014-



Barbashela Restoration Report

We restored the 1880s rowboat Barbashela in 2016, then compiled a report with pictures of the project from stem to stern. The report mirrors our blog page, but we know that some of our team would to have a paper copy as a coffee table or shop reference. The full color report covers assessment, deconstruction, cleaning, measuring, framing, planking, caulking, sanding, painting, outfitting, sea trials and return to Bauvoir. Over 400 photos with descriptions. Also included is a Table of Offsets, Builder Notes and List of Materials.


Small Boat Sales:

Small Boat Parts:

Handrails for Sailfish $65 USD each plus shipping

We make handrails for the Alcort series of Sailfish, the wooden Standard Sailfish, the wooden Super Sailfish and the fiberglass Super Sailfish MKII. The Standard Sailfish handrails measure 28 inches and have 2 hand loops, the Super Sailfish and MKII handrails measure 41 inches with 3 loops. We cut them from cypress or oak. If you don't have a preference, select cypress, it is local, rot resistant, finishes beautifully and we love working with it.

From Small Boat Restoration 2013

From Small Boat Restoration 2013

You order will include 2 handrails, with a spot marked on the bottom for factory screw hole locations. You will need to source four #10 x 2 1/2 inch screws, silicone bronze preferred.

Note 29 Aug 21: We have moved and are trying to find a new local source for cypress and white oak. We currently are making the handrails from spruce, a fine boatbuilding material that is lightweight and strong. It also varnishes beautifully.

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Small Boat Supplies:

Pirating About Bandana Beads

From Small Boat Restoration 2013

Small Boat Dolly

-Sunfish Dolly by Dynamic Dollies and Racks $495 Free Shipping to Lower 48 States

•Dolly style allows bow of boats with a curled gunwale to hang from a specifically shaped handle fitting. Snug-fitting edge trim atop the handle fitting protects the gunwale gelcoat. Type is suitable for Sunfish, Laser 2, JY 15, and more.

• Boat-specific tube and sling lengths provide a custom fit for each boat, enabling a balanced handle load and easy maneuvering.

• All joint fittings are through-bolted and designed for increased torque stability.

• Strong, 3” non-stretch, polyester sling provides wrap-around boat support.

• Adjustable, flexible V-fitting on tongue tube provides boat support forward of the sling and prevents boat and aluminum contact.

• Eyelets on sling and handle fittings facilitate securing boat to dolly in storage, on trailers or in racks. Tie-down with the handle fitting eyelet helps prevent slippage on steep ramps.

• Easy dolly breakdown using the snap buttons on wheel shaft and tongue tube, as well as wing nuts on axle tube cross fitting.

• Pneumatic, non-corrosive, 16” x 4” wheels can be secured on wheel shaft with provided screws for added security. For soft sand conditions, tire pressure can be reduced to increase tire footprint.

• Proudly made in the USA.

Inspection Port Kit, Step By Step Installation Instructions and Photos

This port can be installed for maintenance and repair of your boat, especially useful for rudder conversions. The kit includes stainless machine screws, flat washers and stop nuts with nylon inserts. Save yourself time by buying a kit that has the matching marine grade installation hardware. This task may seem daunting if you've never done it before, so we include is a 5 page manual with photos of actual East Bay Marine installations and a list of recommended tools and supplies. Tip: A 6 inch diameter port is a good size for best access.

From Sunfish Sailboat


SOLD Small Boats

1969 Sunfish "Merci" Sold March 2014

From SBR 3: Jan 2014-

From SBR 3: Jan 2014-

1982 Sunfish "Belle" SOLD 2013

From Sunfish Sailboat Restoration

196? Sunfish Rose"Bud" SOLD April 2013

From Sunfish Sailboat Restoration

From Sunfish Sailboat Restoration

1987 Sunfish "Elan" SOLD Mar 8, 2013

"Ray of Hope" SOLD Jan 29, 2013





From Small Boat Restoration


From Small Boat Restoration


From Small Boat Restoration


Small Boat Restoration aka Lagniappe Beach Concierge can provide wooden or fiberglass boats for photo shoots, movie filming, museum events, fundraisers and birthday parties. Our local area is the Emerald Coast area, Biloxi, Mobile, Pensacola, Navarre, Ft Walton Beach, Destin and Seaside. We also travel. Boats available are Drascombe Lugger gaff rig sailboat, Penobscot 14 sailboat, ODay Daysailer, Sorg 15 lapstrake runabout, wood Sunfish, fiberglass Sunfish, wood Sailfish, canoe and 2 kayaks. We also can bring 2 colorful beach chairs and a beach umbrella. Contact us by leaving a comment below or through facebook Small Boat Restoration.

Clark and Skipper


  1. Any idea who owns the patients on the old sailfish brass hardware to attach the rudder to the boat?

    1. Alcort, Inc initially and now most likely Laser Performance.

  2. Any idea of where to get the hardware for an old rudder? I have the part attached to the rudder and need the part to attach to the transom.

    1. Check The Sunfish Forum, they buy/sell/trade boats and parts there.