PHOENIX entered our fleet in 1994 in Corpus Christi, TX. She is a 1982 AMF boat, made the trip to Yuma, AZ with us and sailed Squaw Lake, just off of the Colorado River. She sailed on Lake Grapevine and now enjoys her Florida waters.

From Small Boat Restoration

From Small Boat Restoration

Phoenix, Eduardo and Wave

From Small Boat Restoration

22 Feb 18:

Phoenix needed a little TLC, she had a few leaks and we did an air leak test to figure out where the trouble spots are. We found several, the 2 big culprits being in the bailer hole seam and the daggerboard trunk. The funniest was Mt Vesuvius blowing out the rivet hole in the coaming.

We sealed up those areas with Pettit Flexpoxy, and we also put Marine-Tex epoxy putty over several areas where gelcoat had chipped.

We also sanded the coaming in prep for paint and installed the aluminum cockpit trim that our buddy Alan sent us.

28 Apr 18:

1982 AMF Sunfish PHOENIX out for sea trials after repairs to leaks in the daggerboard trunk, bailer hole seam, chine and coaming. She sailed great and Skipper did a few donuts. No leaks!

04 Jun 18:

Day sail then we color coded the rudder blades and daggerboards for MADISON, WAVE and PHOENIX.

29 Jun 19:

Took our 1965 Alcort Sunfish WAVE and 1982 AMF Alcort Sunfish PHOENIX out for a day sail Skipper raided the North coast of the bay and I searched for prizes on the South shore. 10-12 mph wind, light chop on the bay, 85F heat index, scattered clouds. Water temp 85. Wind usually dies around 1000 so we headed back. On the way back, PHOENIX and I caught a fish! Not on purpose! I was sailing close to a dock and didn't notice that someone had left some lines out. As I went by the two fishing lines slid across the the gaff, caught at the top of the mast and turned me into the dock. Thunk. I was able to sail backwards a bit, pulled up the daggerboard and used it as a paddle to get clear of the dock. As PHOENIX and I completed our donut, the fishing line slid down leech of the sail and caught on the boom end cap. As we sailed off the line ran over the end of the boom and up comes a fish on the hook, over the end of the boom and then it plopped back into the water. A yelled "Fish On!" to the neighbors and PHOENIX and I sailed home to tell the Skipper our fish tale. It was about an 8 inch bass, under a pound.

Marine Traffic Control Board updated.

Fish stories!

03 Apr 20:

Transom graphics for WAVE, designed and cut by See Level Graphics in Pensacola, FL.

PHOENIX got tagged also.

to be continued...

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