MADISON is a Sunfish that the family owned from back during the 1996 Corpus Christi timeframe, previously known as Rosie's boat. She went to Jax and then called Pensacola homeport around 2000.

She was out of the family's hands for a few years while Hurricane Ivan came through, and her rig was lost or maybe borrowed by the Holley Boys. We tracked her down in 2011 and bought the hull back, had a fun time picking her up and chasing out a few critters from her hull. Tip: Don't leave the inspection port open on a boat without a rodent screen in place.

From Small Boat Restoration

From Small Boat Restoration

From Small Boat Restoration

MADISON gets called for photo shoots in Seaside periodically

04 Jun 18:

Day sail then we color coded the blades on MADISON< PHOENIX and WAVE.

to be continued....

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