Pelican Premium Icon SACAGAWEA and CLARK

We wanted a couple of kayaks, found that we liked the ease of getting on and off the Sit On kayaks after trying a Sit In kayak. The 10 foot Pelicans are fun to take out for a few miles and the open hull makes it easy for us to check for stowaway critters before we hop on board.

Length: 10′
Beam: 30.5″
Depth: 16″
Cockpit: Open
Weight: 52.5 lbs.
Max Capacity: 325 lbs.
Hull Material: Ram-X
Front Hatch: Quick Lock Hatch
Flush Mount Rod Holders: 2
Seat: Adjustable Padded Backrest With Seat Cushion
Foot Rest: Adjustable Footpegs

02 May 19:

Skipper pushing the Fun Button on her rechristened kayak SACAGAWEA.

Paddled about 2 miles, light breeze. Saw stingray, redfish and mullet. A few osprey.

27 Nov 19:

Took out CLARK and SACAGAWEA to chase dolphin. They swam faster than we could paddle.

06 Apr 20:

Paddled 30 minutes, watched osprey.

12 Apr 20:

The kayaks were jealous because SCOUT went out for a paddle, so we took them out for a half an hour. We were sore from paddling SCOUT the day before, so the kayakfest was more of a stretching exercise.

The kayaks are Pelican Premier Icons, 10 footers, they have held up well being stored against a tree in the back yard. Sit on top with adjustable foot rests, easy to get in and out of. Light weight, our lightest boats.

09 Jun 20:

We have had our kayaks 7 years and they get exposed to a lot of sunlight, it was time to replace a few of the carry handles and the seats as they were UV damaged. The seatt back zippers failed and the covers were faded. The handle webbing tore away on one end, leaving a weak handle attached on only one end. We were pleased to find that the manufacturer Pelican has a nice Parts tab on their website so we ordered new comfort carry handles, seat bottoms and seat backs. The parts arrived and they came with the installation hardware, a choice of 3/16th inch closed end rivets or screws.

Skipper suggested leaving the old hardware in place and drilling new holes, but I of course wanted to drill out the old rivets and get rid of the old seat back panel. The first rivet was drilled cleanly but the second got chowdered up and left a hole that was too big for the rivet. I figured out later I could have left the old plastic seat back tab in place, maybe trimmed down to just the small base, with the oscillating multitool, and installed the rivets right through it. I ended up drilling two new holes just above the old holes and sealing the old holes with 3M 4000 Marine Sealant.

The other seat I was more careful and drilled the rivets cleanly. For the seat strap attachments on one boat I drilled the old rivets and on the other I cut the old webbing at the attachment point and installed the new strap right next to it. Then for the handles I cut off the old webbing and attached them right next to the old attachment points. 4 new carry handles spread out over 2 kayaks.

The new seat bottom gel is not as thick as the old seat, but it was not worn and we use our own extra cushions anyway. The RamX material that the kayak is made of has held up amazingly well.

We like the Premium Icon because the foot rests are adjustable, and we have other kayakers in the family who are tall. We also like the high visibility yellow hull. New carry handle on the bow, makes dragging the kayak down to the beach easy.

Skipper's boat SACAGAWEA has pink duct tape tabs on the bow and stern, her pedals usually don't get moved. On the other boat CLARK we have marked pedal positions with Sharpie so they can be reset quickly.

13 Jun 20:

We took out SACAGAWEA and CLARK to test out the new seats and carry handles. They didn't sink so I guess I drilled the new holes in the right spot. Skipper still likes her Greenland style paddle, light weight and she scoots around with ease.

We enjoy the fact that the kayaks only weigh 42 pounds, they are easy to move around. The new seat back has a little more lumbar molded into it, we found them more comfortable on our backs than the original seats.

18 Jun 20:

...okay, she didn't run aground, she was just beaching her kayak. Keeping an eye out for marauding squirrels, they were on the hunt for peanuts.

19 Jun 20:

30 minute paddle. Found out that paddling backwards is a great triceps exercise. Oranges for breakfast on the boat.

21 Jun 20:

Father's Day paddle. Taunted by small dolphin. Saw one at first, then three. They circled us, we think they were making a bubble net but got bored. 40 minutes, light wind from the NNW, 75F with water temp 78F.

to be continued...

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