Pelican Premium Icon SACAGAWEA and CLARK

We wanted a couple of kayaks, found that we liked the ease of getting on and off the sit on kayaks. The 10 foot Pelicans are fun to take out for a few miles and the open hull makes it easy for us to check for stowaway critters.

Length: 10′
Beam: 30.5″
Depth: 16″
Cockpit: Open
Weight: 52.5 lbs.
Max Capacity: 325 lbs.
Hull Material: Ram-X
Front Hatch: Quick Lock Hatch
Flush Mount Rod Holders: 2
Seat: Adjustable Padded Backrest With Seat Cushion
Foot Rest: Adjustable Footpegs

02 May 19:

Skipper pushing the Fun Button on her rechristened kayak SACAGAWEA.

Paddled about 2 miles, light breeze. Saw stingray, redfish and mullet. A few osprey.

to be continued...

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