Alcort Super Sailfish ZSA ZSA

We came across our 1950s Alcort Super Sailfish ZSA ZSA in 2013 near Greer, SC while we were picking up a 1963 wooden Sunfish hull. We had to cut the grass and dig her out of a barn. Here is a link to the road trip when we found her.

We sailed her and she leaked, a lot. I started to remove the bottom but got distracted by life and 20 other boats, so we put her in storage until we could get to her. Fast Forward to 2018.

23 Feb 18:

ZSA ZSA came off the rack today and we moved her onto the finishing dolly. We towed her around front to the carriage house

We continued removing the bottom. We used an old chisel to open the seam and pry the plywood loose. I pried up to keep the outer edge of the oak side as square as possible, the oak is pretty tough and is in good shape.

Someone added foam to the design. They also added extra framing. The foam is not closed cell or factory, so we are removing that. We also will remove the extra framing and use 1/4 inch ply for the new bottom. When we are done, the boat should weigh 20-25 pounds less and be back to factory specs.

27 Feb 18:

We pulled all the bottom nails, we can reuse a few but ordered a pound of #14 silicone bronze annular ring nails from Jamestown Distributors. There were no extra nail holes so that must have been the original bottom. We also removed some keel batten screws and will replace those.

We are pretty sure this was a kit boat from the factory, and the assembler added some extra bracing and foam when they put it together. We took out the extra lumber and will add back a better butt block for the plywood deck seam.

22 Mar 18:

We put in an order to Jamestown Distributors for materials to restore ZSA ZSA. We will need ring shank nails, thickened epoxy, fairing compound, primer, paint and rollers. We chose products from the TotalBoat line, which include THIXO, TotalFair, Topside Prime and Wet Edge Fire Red and Blue Glo White. JD always ships cups, gloves and paint sticks with their orders, and we use the boxes as mixing pallets for the fairing compounds and thickened epoxy. Another great deal is that TotalBoat ships free! If you prefer Pettit or Interlux, they sell their complete lines as well.

01 May 18:

So now we have the Super Sailfish ZSA ZSA and wooden Sunfish CHIP together again, ready for bottom work.

We also moved the Catfish SMEDLEY up front, so we can work on all 3, repairing the hulls, sanding and cleaning up gelcoat.

to be continued...

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