Alcort Sunfish CHIP

We picked up CHIP, a 1963 wooden Alcort Sunfish, in Marshville, NC in 2013. Here is a link to the road trip when we found picked him up.

We float tested CHIP and he leaked. I planned to remove the bottom for repairs and to take measurements, but got distracted by life and 20 other boats, so we put him in storage until we could get to him. Fast Forward to 2018.

01 May 18:

We moved boats around today, the Dabber is finished so there is space in the Carriage House for the SUper Sailfish ZSA ZSA and the wooden Sunfish CHIP. CHIP has been stored for 5 years, patiently watching other projects come and go and it is her turn now, we will be able be taking lines off of both boats and repairing the plywood bottoms, then fair, sand, prime and paint.

Skipper pulled the finishing dolly around to the Sunfish Shack so we could retrieve CHIP.

I was going to try and wedge CHIP out of the storage rack with the dolly set to the side, but Skipper suggested just putting the dolly under CHIP and removing the rack crossbars instead. Brilliant! CHIP gently lowered down onto the dolly, a little worried about the recip saw but that was used to cut away the crossbars.

So now we have the Super Sailfish ZSA ZSA and wooden Sunfish CHIP together again, ready for bottom work.

We also moved the Catfish SMEDLEY up front, so we can work on all 3, repairing the hulls, sanding and cleaning up gelcoat.

05 May 18:

Removed the bottom from CHIP, cut the outer edge loose with a reciprocating saw and then peeled the panels up with a crow bar.

The scarf joint was pretty interesting, kind of a lap joint.

06 May 18:

Started taking the lines off of the Sunfish, used Alcort Super Sailfish plans as a guide to figure out what measurements we need. Today we measured the length, deck width and found the Stations (frames) in inches. Most measurements are 1/16th, but there are a few 1/32.

Stations in inches, with Station 0 at the bow. The offsets will be in Feet-Inches-Eighths.

Also measured the width of the deck every 5 inches from the bow out to 20, then every 10 inches to develop Half Breadths. Gathered measurements on stringers, cleats and keel and deck beam (upper and lower longeron).

07 May 18:

Verified that there is a gap between the frame and the deck/hull.

Took measurements from the frames.

09 May 18:

CHIP will have a V shaped coaming, this one will be used as a pattern and we'll cut a new one from mahogany or cypress.

We also have a really nice rudder, it needs the shorter vertical plate because the wooden Sunfish have the short transom like the Sailfish.

10 May 18:

We have plans for the Alcort Super Sailfish and are using those as a guide to gather measurements from CHIP. To validate our measurements we will make patterns of the frames and other key components.

The frame measurements include width, outside height and inner height. There are also measurements for the longeron cutouts and lightening holes. We also took another measurement of spacing between the deck and keel longeron, to account for the keel bevel.

Cut not one, not two, but 3 frames to get one that fit for Frame 17 (17 inches aft of the bow). The problem was with my line drawing, not the measurements.

Checked the outer height then worked on the outer edge bevel. It is important to measure the frame to the widest face, which is the aft face on the forward frames. Then there is material left for a bevel.

Crosshchecked the measurements and transferred information to the pattern for frame 17.

We're happy with the pattern!

to be continued...

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