Thursday, September 15, 2016

Barbashela Log 15 Sep 16

15 Sep 16:

Sanded the EZFair and applied another coat of Valspar Armor Mark Twain House Brown. The Skipper instructed, no ordered me, to tape off the waterline. I did and it came out great.

With the exception of the keel strip and skeg, all of this wood is original Barbashela (1880s - 2015).

We have been using Barbashela and St. Jacques to figure out how we want to set up our Small Boat Restoration shop. Over the last few months we have added a work deck to the outside for paint and cutting, and inside we added some wire shelving. Tools have come and gone, materials as well. We are finding the good work flow areas of the shop and where a bench might go. We also like things that are on wheels. And as I get older, Skipper wants me make sure all the heavy stuff is not high on a shelf or buried under something. Today's goal was to get the temporary work table cleaned off and figure out where hand tools would go (close to the bench) and where power tools will live when not in use. As this project winds down the bench table will clear off and the rolling table will host a basic set of hand tools. Storage will change down the road as our plan is to insulate the shop and add shiplap walls and ceiling, and possibly some 1x6 decking over the plywood floor.

See if you can find Barbashela's new bow ring!

Click here for Barbashela's full story.

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