Sunday, January 12, 2020

Hudson River Ice Yacht Club

12 Jan 20:

Ice Boats and Ice Yachts, added to my long list of fascinations. I used to feel sorry for folks posting in late September, pulling their boats for the Winter. Not any more, they have a solution to those cold months, just pick it up a notch and get an ice boat bolted together. Seems they store almost anywhere. The Hudson River Ice Yacht Club has had it figured out since the late 1800s. FDR was the Vice Commodore at one point, raced his boat HAWK for many seasons, and she still survives. Here's a report.


(FDR and HAWK)

FDR's Christmas Present 1901.

(Image credit: Sketch by Reid Bielenberg)

Ice boaters are very thoughtful and creative, I read a great tip on how to use the beer crates to set under the runners, beer stays cold and the runners don't freeze to the ice while the Skippers coagulate, and congregate, and lubricate. And you get to carry fun gear on some of the Scooters, pikes and hoes to push or pull that amphib over and onto the ice. The Scooter had a full Sunfish size hull, with runners on the bottom, she was steered with the jib and live ballast weight shift, crew of 2. 78sf gaff rigged main with 22sf jib

More to come on pikes and hoes.

Hudson River Ice Yacht Club

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