We designed a combination paddle and boat hook recently, to assist in boat handling. There are a lot of combinations out there, but we wanted one that took up little space, with that in mind we chose the Greenland paddle shape for our "padook." We also wanted it to float upright, and used information gleaned from a WoodenBoat article to aid in the design.

We just had an article published on the Padook in the Novemebr 2018 issue of Small Boats Monthly, way more information on making, measurements and sea trials posted there. Editor Chris Cunningham shared photos of the construction and float test of his beautiful padook. Chris is the expert, he wrote the book Building the Greenland Kayak and offers a guide on paddle construction.

The article on floating boat hooks and the boat hook itself can be purchased from WoodenBoat.

Beautiful bronze for the hook end.

Making sawdust. Spot the Crickle?

Hook and handle, a surprisingly secure grip.

While we were at it we made a pattern.

She fits well with our Penobscot 14 adventure gear.

WoodenBoat Boat Hook and Upstanding Boat Hook Article
Small Boats Monthly

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