Thursday, June 13, 2013

Multiuse Sailboat Canoe Kayak SUP Trailer

Modified a jet ski trailer, trailer store added two sets of galvanized steel trailer guide arms and aluminum crossbeams, I added the noodles and duct tape. The guides can be removed if needed with a socket wrench, for our application the arms may be shared with the the Daysailer trailer, no need to have extra guide arms.

From Small Boat Restoration

Rack is also strong enough for Sunfish on top, also can load variation of canoes, kayaks, SUP and could lay bikes or cartop carrier on top rack. We designed the rack to carry two Sunfish and came across the Right On trailer website where they have a nice rack system on a trailer, opened our eyes to what else could go up there. Right On also sells a nice sailboat trailer dolly combo.

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