Saturday, February 14, 2015

Super Sailfish and Wooden Sunfish Projects

The "Super" Sailfish (top) is the wooden big sister of the original wooden Sailfish made by Alcort. The Super Sailfish measures 13' 7" whereas the Sailfish was 11' 7". Boats were made at the factory and the Super Sailfish was also available as a kit. In later years plans were made for the Super Sailfish as well. Our Super Sailfish "Zsa Zsa" was acquired in Greer, SC in 2013 from a Craigslist transaction, she was living in a barn and before that had residence in Auburn, NY. She was very heavy at 130 pound and the hull plywood severely checked, so we did a little exploratory surgery to see what is going on inside. She appears to have had some work done at one time as frame doublers and foam were added, and not the good kind of foam. The keel is dry and split, and there is wet foam inside, but overall she can be repaired by removing the hull and foam, taking out the extra frame doublers, making a new keel and redoing the hull with marine ply.

But right now Zsa Zsa waits patiently with "Chip", a 1963 wooden Sunfish that we picked up in Marshvile, NC. Chip needs new hull plywood and a few parts, but overall is in great shape. We have gathered up period correct parts and just need some time for sanding and planking. Once the hull plywood comes off we plan to measure the frames as well, and reseal the interior with modern epoxy.

From SBR 4: Jun 2014 -

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