Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sunfish Generation 2 Rudder and Tiller

We are fixing this 2nd generation rudder to use on our 1953 Sunfish, which originally had the elephant ear rudder (Gen 1). The wooden Sunfish uses the smaller vertical plate (4 inches) like the Sailfish and Super Sailfish used, because of its shorter transom. Zip will perform better with the bigger 1960s era rudder blade. We will also use a Barrington board, as the original centerboard only measured 31 inches on those short keel wooden Sunfish.

2nd generation tiller from the 60s used on wooden Sunfish, Sailfish, Super Sailfish, and Super Sailfish MKII.

We like Pettit Captains Z-Spar, satin finish. Here it is being applied over the mahogany tiller.

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