Monday, March 21, 2016

Barbashela Log 21 Mar 16

21 Mar 16:

12 planks for the broad, sheer and outer gunwale, planed them down to 15/16 inches.

Planing the 24 foot plank for the port side garboard plank.

Working our way down to 15/16 inch....we may have gone .0075 past :)

Ripped the broad planks, sheer clamps and outer gunwales.

Video update

Setting up the build table for use as a plank bending jig, started by marking a centerline.

Pre-bending the planks for the garboard, broad, sheer clamp and outer gunwale.

FMI: "Barabshela" a Rowboat of Captain Thomas Leathers' Design for Ms. Winnie Davis

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