Monday, June 27, 2016

Barbashela Log 27 Jun 16

27 Jun 16

Repaired plank fractures by injecting Pettit Flexpoxy and pulling them together with wood splints, fender washers and deck screws. Placed plastic sheeting under the splints to prevent them from sticking and to smooth the epoxy.

Made a bow seat template from pattern plywood, then cut the two pieces from cypress. FOrward edge and sides were beveled to match the gunwale.

Screwed through the gunwale with silicone bronze screws to attach the breasthook. Barbashela has a complete bow now!

We painted the floorboards and made dutchmen for the side planks. The scarfed pieces were epoxied into place and secured with splints and screws until the epoxy dried.

Russell Barnes provided us with a few detail photos of the bateau from Dec 2000. And some measurements. At that time Barbashela was on display in an alcove on the lower floor of the Davis Presidential Library at Beauvoir.

Click here for Barbashela's full story.

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