Monday, June 6, 2016

Barbashela Log 06 Jun 16

06 Jun 16:

The surviving lower broad and mid broad planks on the starboard are 3 inches wide and were butted to the aft planks. We removed the broken sections and cut 2 new cypress planks to fit. They were fastened with silicone bronze screws and trimmed to fit into the stem. The plank stock was 12 to 16 feet, so we used an 8:1 scarf to make the 20 foot runs stem to stern. Scarfs were glued with Pettit flexpoxy.

For the the new piece of the top broad plank on the starboard side, we took measurements every foot between the sheer strake and mid broad plank. Then we transferred the measurements to a piece of pattern plywood and trimmed it to fit. Once it fit we transferred marks to a new cypress plank.

The top broad on the starboard side had a shattered end, so we fashioned an 8:1 scarf with an oscillating tool.

Working around the bow, took the opportunity to trim the inner stem.

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For the portside top broad plank we took measurements at every station from the sheer plank to the mid broad plank. We recorded Feet-Inches-Eighths on a paint stick then made templates from pattern plywood. Trimmed the plywood to fit then cut planks.

Carpenter bee fun!

Last plank scarf.

Whiskey plank.

Template for the breasthook.

Gotta fix the sculling notch, it's too fancy according to the Skipper and another subject matter expert.

Caulked the planks with 1 pound of Bristol Sussex cotton, also a little wicking in some areas. Painted the caulked seams with alkyd enamel (oil) to seal the cotton.

Cleaned out the starboard garboard seam and filed down corroded areas for dutchmen.

Posed for pictures.

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