Friday, August 2, 2019

Fred's Penobscot 14 DEJA VU TOO For Sale $3500

When we started building our Penobscot 14 I was lucky enough to find a local gent who had built 2. I went to visit and got to see his beautiful craft Deja Vu Too. Seems his first P14 is missing in action after Hurricane Ivan swept it from underneath his house. Maybe we'll find it someday but that is another story.

So Fred built the second P14 and it went out to Madisonville, LA and won the Best Sailboat Award there. His boats are used almost daily, he loves to row and has put over 1200 miles on them around his backyard bay. Deja Vu Too got a new interior finish on the planks and stringers after a mildew attack, and she still looks stunning. Fred used oak,mahogany and spanish cedar for the seats and rail cap. He made the oars out of cherry and built a nice rowing station as well.

(image credit: Fred)

(image credit Fred)

Fred also built a nice motor launch as well, which won the Best Of Show Award at Madisonville.

And he dabbles in Weekend Skiff variants.

Here are a few detail shots to help out fellow P14 builders. Enjoy!

She has a nice gunter rig with sails by Schurr Sails Pensacola.

Fred is asking $3500 USD for DEJA VU TOO. She is in Milton, Florida. If interested, post a comment or send us an email to our profile account.

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