Friday, March 10, 2017

St. Jacques Log 10 Mar 17 Gunwales and Bow

10 Mar 17:

Worked on the outer gunwales and shaped the bow and keel.

Measured for the outer gunwale.

Cut the outer gunwale to 1 1/4 high by 3/4 inch wide from cypress.

Clamped the gunwale and secured it with silicone bronze screws.

Shaped the stem and keel with a belt sander, handplane and randowm orbital sander.

Measured, cut and scarfed the starboard gunwale.

Log of St. Jacques


  1. What's the yellow, gray, and white image painted on the floor? Looks interesting.

  2. Howdy, we put a Native American medicine wheel of the Citizen Potawatomi on the deck, the colors represent the 4 seasons and medicines. The wheel is oriented to the cardinal directions of North, East, South and West and each season has a meaning as well as a medicine. North = Winter/Sweetgrass/Renewal, East = Spring/Tobacco/New Life, South = Summer/Cedar/Abundance, West = Autumn/Sage/Protection.