Friday, October 20, 2017

Small Boat Cover for Penobscot 14

Making a cover for St. Jacques. First we bought some cheap sheets to make a pattern, used double sided tape to join them together and laid them over the boat.

Marked along the side where we want the cover to end, then added 9 inches for seam allowance, drawstring pocket and a little extra for fitting.

Ordered Sunbrella Pacific Blue fabric, thread, maul, mat, grommets and punch from Sailrite.

When we got the Sunbrella, it was wide enough that we could just lay it over St. Jacques, clamp it and mark the seam. Skipper added 1 inch for a seam allowance. We also marked the bow and aft corners.

Next Skipper sewed the darts into the corners, and we cut long 5 inch strips to make a drawstring pocket. Those were joined using a french seam.

The drawstring pocket was sewn onto the cover, with the string already laid in. Webbing was also sewn in to the seam about every 3 feet to make tiedown straps.

The cover fits great and looks awesome on St. Jacques.

We decided to skip the grommets and use webbing for tiedown points instead.

St. Jacques camping out in the Sunfish Shack, the cover worked great, kept out some rain that blew in over the weekend.

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