Sunday, October 1, 2017

PVC Clamps

01 Oct 17:

Saw a tip from Greg Rossel in his book Building Small Boats on how to make a lot of inexpensive clamps from Schedule 40 PVC pipe. We picked up a 3 inch diameter pipe and cut out 2 inch wide sections, then split one side. The clamps will work great to hold together the Sunfish deck/hull seam when we glue the seam back together. The pipe was about 10 dollars for a 5 foot section, and we made around 25 clamps. Make sure to get Schedule 40, the walls are thicker, which makes the clamp stronger.

If the clamps don't provide enough pressure, add a paint stick spacer to spread the jaws open a bit more. The stick will also help distribute the clamp pressure.


  1. Wouldn't it be easier to split the side first and THEN cut it into 2" pieces? This is a brilliant idea.

    1. Great idea, depends on what saw you use to do that, jigsaw with a short blade or run it across the table saw?