Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Tuesday Tool of the Week: Clamps


-Bar clamp
07 Jan 19: Bar clamps are handy for holding pieces together while adhesives dry or to hold a work piece while sawing, routing, sanding etc...We have several different lengths, ranging from 6 inches to 4 feet. We did not run out and buy 20 different clamps one day, we have a accumulated them over several years. Most of the bar clamps we bought from our local ACE Hardware.

We have given our bar clamps names of family and friends, so they are with us in spirit when we work on our boats.

We picked up some nice bar clamps at a local auction, 4 footers with crank handles. Used them to hold pressure on some edge glued cypress for BARBASHELA's seats.

03 Dec 2013: Spring clamps are useful to hold pressure on the deck, rudder and daggerboard repairs while sealants and adhesives dry. We acquired about 50 spring clamps from our friend Howie, he used them when he worked at Alcort from 1960-1978, then for 10 more years doing warranty work for AMF. They have seen quite a few Sunfish deck seams! ANd they continue to work today.

From SBR 2013

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