Tuesday, April 30, 2019

1963 Alcort Sunfish CHIP 30 APR 19 Bulkhead Repair and Patterns

30 APR 19:

A video of some of today's fun.

We made a couple of errant cuts when we sliced the bottom off of CHIP with a reciprocating saw, so it is time to repair those areas. The cuts are on the cockpit bulkheads, and those need to be watertight. We used TotalBoat THIXO thickened epoxy to fill the void.

We grabbed some painter's paper and made patterns from the bottom panels. Also marked the location of the stringer screws.

Side plank pattern.

Marked location of stringers and stringer screws.

On the aft panel pattern we also marked the location of the bulkheads, the panel gets nails there also.

Made patterns for the floorboards.

Current state of affairs in the Carriage House, 2 wooden Sunfish, 1 wooden Standard Sailfish, 1 KM Paddleboard and a keel longeron for a Pascagoula Catboat.

Log of CHIP.

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