Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Alcort Catfish SMEDLEY 03 Sep 19 Unstep the Mast

03 Sep 19:

More prep for the move, lowered the mast on SMEDLEY. I wanted to see if I could lower it myself, so we tied a line side to side and also around the wing strut to keep the base of the mast from flying off. There is an eyestrap on the forward base of the mast, not sure why it is there, maybe for stepping and unstepping the mast?

Tied the mainsheet to the forestay, then led that line over the mast crutch on the forward part of the trailer. That made a little better angle to lower the mast. Once the shrouds got loose the mast moved off to one side, but not too far. The base popped loose once the mast was bout 3/4 of the way down but it did not go too far.

Hauled SMEDLEY up to our trailer guy Eddie so he can cut a foot off of the tongue to make the trailer 15 feet long total. We had him make it way too long, and now the trailer can fit inside the Pod. The mast will ride inside a 26 foot UHaul.


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