Saturday, November 9, 2019

Penobscot 14 ST. JACQUES 09 Nov 19 Mess About

09 Nov 19:

A little sail and oar expedition today, thought we'd go out and chase the wind shifts. Summer and Winter are still arguing over who's in charge here, nice day today with light winds on the bay (unusual) and a forecast for overnight temps in the 30s come Tuesday. We pushed off stern first and used the paddle and padook to get out the first 30 feet and clear our sand fences. Spun a 180 and I rowed first into the light breeze, slack tide, Skipper steered. After a bit ST. JACQUES decide it was time to head back so we loosed the main, dropped the rudder and centerboard. We made it most of the way back, had some help from the pine breeze as we got close to the dock. Skipper loosened the rudder downhaul and it popped up as designed, I raised the centerboard. Skipper tried a new strategy to disembark, just moved forward and stepped over the side up by the bow, stayed dry with her Muck boots. Easier than pulling the boat sideways up by the beach, which we had been doing to save Skipper's knees, she had football injuries.

Miles rowed 1.0/Total 24.0


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