Saturday, January 30, 2016

Barbashela Log 30 Jan 16

30 Jan 16:

"Barbashela" sees light for the first time since just after Hurricane Katrina.

Skipper checking for fair curves on "Barbashela".

Wrapping up the rest of the parts on "Barbashela" she still has the three seat thwarts!

Used all the tie downs, duct tape, plastic wrap and a few lines for the road trip. "Barbashela" made it up to 70mph, but she probably blew 145 plus in Hurricane Katrina.

Water view for the next few months.

Hey, stop drinking coffee and start scraping! "Barbashela" hanging out with her newest friends.

"Barbashela" has at least half of everything except for the forward 4 feet of bow planking, the stem, breasthook and forward seat.

1880s hardware, square nails.

Ready for the float test.

"Zip" and "Barbashela" swapping sea stories.

"Barbashela" says "What's a sail?"

FMI: "Barabshela" a Rowboat of Captain Thomas Leathers' Design for Ms. Winnie Davis

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