Sunday, January 31, 2016

Barbashela Log 31 Jan 16

31 Jan 16:

Started the assessment, measuring and cleaning today. We will cycle parts across the measuring table and record various dimensions. Today we were able to measure the seats (thwarts), transom and false bottom planks. The parts were then sent to the craft table to have old fasteners removed, where we found a few square nails from the late 1800s and more common nails. Next stop was the cleaning bench where we used Dawn dish detergent and water to remove years of dirt. Light scraping was done on the parts to remove flaked paint.

1880s rowboat forward seat and riser.

Skipper measuring the 1880s rowboat seat and riser.

1880s rowboat forward seat

Free labor on the 1880s rowboat! Skipper and her parents pulling nails, scraping and cleaning. I'm taking pictures :)

1880s rowboat paint chronology.

1880s rowboat cove detail.

1880s rowboat bilge under the false bottom.

1880s rowboat port bow frames and bottom plank.

Video tour

Barbashela forward seat

Taking transom seat cleat measurements and plank bevel

Can't find the Hull ID Number anywhere! Maybe this is the bow....lets go check the other end...

Transom pattern draft.

Seat half pattern draft.

Seat patterns draft.

Barbashela's Log

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