Tuesday, February 9, 2016

1950s Alcort Sailfish "Winnie"

Our friend spotted an Alcort Sailfish for sale up in NY, and he thought we might want it. So he bought it and brought it down to us during his annual Florida run. We in turn bought it from him and also scored a mast and spars for another restoration project on a Sunfish. Her name is Winnie.

The Sailfish is just under 12 feet long and it has a 65 sf sail. The spars measure 11'7" and it has a tiny rudder. This boat was taken apart for refinishing but the previous owner lost interest....17 years ago. It is in great shape and we'll get to it as we finish up on Barbashela and St. Jacques.

The bare hull weighs 92 pounds, came with all the parts. Just needs caulk and paint, yellow paint that is, like she was originally.

Alcort Sailfish logo.jpg

Kind of like a kit boat!

Rudder mechanism.

1950s Alcort Sailfish mast step and bow handle after a little teak oil, vinegar and metal polish.

Yep those are bronze rivets.

Check out that mast and wooden spars.

18 May 16: Winnie has her first top coat of Valspar Ultra 4000 Alkyd Enamel, Whipped Apricot. She will remind us of Barbashela. So much so that we decided on her final name, "Winnie."

19 May 16: Skipper loves Winnie, can't wait to get her on the water.

65 sf of sail, 11'7" long, 3' beam, 92 pounds.

65 sf Sailfish sail over a 75 sf Sunfish sail.

21 May 16: Winnie went to the Bagdad Riverfest with Zip. Notice where we painted the sides with Rustoleum Topside Oyster White and added an oak rub strip, stained and sealed with Minwax Polyurethane Mission Oak, attached with #6 brass screws.

23 May 16: Skipper takes Winnie out for the first time in many years. Nice light wind day for a test sail.

to be continued...

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