Saturday, February 6, 2016

Barbashela Log 06 Feb 16

06 Feb 16:

Mid thwart and rowing station. Note the different width planking, almost 9 inches on the lower garboard, then it drops to 3 inch widths on the broad (middle) and sheer (top). The fasteners also changed from square nails to galvanized common nails, so that top planking was replaced at one point, probably mid 1900s.

Original lower plank (garboard) was very wide, planks above for the broad and sheer are narrower, indicating a replacement at one point over 130 years.

Getting a feel for oar length, these 8 footers would work but may be a tad short.

FMI: "Barabshela" a Rowboat of Captain Thomas Leathers' Design for Ms. Winnie Davis

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