Sunday, February 14, 2016

Barbashela Log 14 Feb 16

14 Feb 16:

Skipper brushing off the dirt. We found a nylon wheel that fits on a drill, with light pressure and going with the grain is takes off the old paint but not the grain pattern.

She has a transom now, 1 3/8 inch cypress. We had to plane down an 8/4 (1 1/2") board to get the right thickness and attached it with Pettit Flexpoxy.

Chip, brush, scrape, sand and vacuum frame by frame. Check out the putty knife sticking through the seam. The good news is that we run out of boat parts soon as there is not much at the bow.

We can reuse this frame foot, but probably not the rusting nails.

Cut the sculling notch with a jigsaw, then used a diamond file to clean it up. We sized it for an 1 1/2" diameter oar.

Flooded a coat of oil based paint to season the cypress.

FMI: "Barabshela" a Rowboat of Captain Thomas Leathers' Design for Ms. Winnie Davis

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