Monday, October 17, 2016

Barbashela Log 17 Oct 16 Sea Trials!!

17 Oct 16:

Slid Barbashela off the furniture dollies onto the O'Day Daysailer trailer, which also has kind of a flat bottom. Adjusted the bunks to catch the chine on either side, need to add a small strip under the keel and a bow stop.

Sealed the oars later with Minwax Polyshades, it offers good stain and polyurethane protection for this application, light use and indoor storage.

But then she was off to the ramp next door behind the Odyssey. With the help of the Skipper and trusty mates, Barbashela dipped into the waters of the Bay for the first time in a long time. She floated with a nice fore and aft trim, sits beautifully on the water. She rowed light as a feather, minimal effort to get started and she carried momentum well with her length and weight. Turns on a dime, she has great balance and control, both at rest and underway. Skipper also paddled from the stern seat and made 1 1/2 knots with ease. We got her up to 2 1/2 knots even with non rowers on the sticks.

Congratulations to Barbashela, she is officially a boat again!

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