Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Sunfish Work Dolly 19 Apr 17

19 Apr 17:

We built a work dolly for the Sunfish, Laser Performance was kind enough to share photo of the finishing dollies that they uses to roll boats around at their Portsmouth, RI factory a few years back. It is set a a good working height for sanding, and the bunks articulate to support either the top deck or the hull. It rolls great on flat surface, and we have even pulled it through the yard a few times although bigger wheels would be better for that.

2003 Vanguard Sunfish Crystal got to break in the dolly.

Crystal showing off.

Here's a video of some of the details. Also of note are the carpenter benches, they are modeled off of the benches used in the John Gardner Small Boat Shop at Mystic Seaport. Very versatile as well, they also make nice work and plant stands. They are built to 18 inches tall.

Click here for more shots of the dolly and tips on Sunfish fiberglass repairs.


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