Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Winnie Log 26 Apr 17 Rudder Carriage Bolt and Transom

26 Apr 17:

We had a question about the length of the rudder assembly carriage bolt on a Super Sailfish. So we went out and measured our Standard Sailfish's bolt which is the same bolt as the Super Sailfish, Super Sailfish MKII and wooden Sunfish. The bolt measured 4 3/4 inches. All of the early Alcort wooden boats and the fiberglass Super Sunfish MKII had a smaller transom than the fiberglass Sunfish. The bolt on the old style rudder assembly for the fiberglass Sunfish is around 7 inches.

Standard Sailfish rudder assembly carriage bolt.

Fiberglass Sunfish rudder assembly carriage bolt (longer).

While I was poking around Winnie I noticed that the transom varnish is kind of crunchy, I think I was in a hurry and used some old varnish. So I'll clean that up and maybe try Total Boat Gleam Satin. I like it on the seat in the Penobscot 14 so far. I also like that JD sends along a free application kit with the varnish that includes 2 paint pots, 2 stir sticks, 2 foam brushes, 2 paint strainers, and a pair of latex gloves FREE (a $10 value).

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