Tuesday, December 4, 2018

TotalBoat Stocking Stuffers

04 Dec 18:

Early Christmas! We have been trying out many of the products from Jamestown Distributors' TotalBoat line, blogging about them just as we do about other products, tools, materials and techniques. So far we have been impressed with the quality and price, and as always the Tech Support. Restoration costs can add up, so we like that most TotalBoat ships free. We bought and tried enough of it that we became Ambassadors, sharing our projects and experiences with JD to in turn share with others. We were excited today to get two boxes of favorite items to use on our projects and a few new items to try out, the WetEdge Cold Cure, Halcyon Amber Gloss Varnish and Elixir water based enamel. Several of the products are now available in resealable bags, that should reduce drying of the product in storage after some of it is used. Jamestown Distributors also sells our other time tested products, Pettit, Interlux and Rustoleum.

Our thanks to Jamestown Distributor for sharing their products and technical expertise with us. We are excited to be part of their Ambassador Program and happy to answer any questions that anyone has with their restoration projects.

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