Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Boat Gear

28 May 19:

We are working on some Boating Checklists and were trying to remember what gear we take with us for our Great Adventures. So I wandered out into the garage and took photos.

PFDs and seat cushions. We like the thinner foam cushions better than the thick throwable device flotation aid.

Cool vintage bronze winch, Skipper's Grandpa had it on his little motorboat trailer. Been in the family for over 50 years

Rescue throw bag with 50 feet of line. Never had to use it, but seems fun. Works great, as I found out in the aisle of Walmart :)

Green USMC Boot Camp ditty bag with foam cups, spare line, portable nav lights, pennants, first aid kit and spare hats.

Towels are handy to cover legs and dip in water on hot, sunny days.

Aladdin water jug, fill with ice all the way and top with water, to have the World's best cold water out of a foam cup. Snack cooler.

Spare PFDs with whistle for scalliwags pressed into service.

Danforth anchor with 6 foot chain lead and 50 feet of line, good to anchor in about 7 feet.

Fire extinguisher for the boats with gas motors. Signal flares. Spare dock line.

Step stool.

Telescoping boat hook.


THAT'S where I left the Channellocks! Handy to tighten or loosen the drain plug.

Throwable devices aka seat cushions. One required. They also make good padding for the spars when we are trailering the boat.

Wait, the Skipper does use them in Long Range Cruise mode...

Tiny stern anchor that works in still water or if tied around a tree. Something great that the kids used to drag around on the beach, might have been a clue that it doesn't hold well.

This is the oarlock socket that Skipper hooked the cuff of her shorts on years ago while the boat was on the trailer, she then fell out of the boat and hung upside down for a minute. Finally had to slip out of her shorts to get free!

Yellow box. Advil, bandaids, signal mirror, spare cotter pins and keeper rings, air horn, whistle, spare kill switch key, registrations, first aid kit, screwdrivers, spot for Channellocks, chart, compass, binoculars, spare polarized sunglasses, outboard motor tool kits for Suzuki 2.5 and 6, depthsounder and water temp gadget, Garmin GPS72 sometimes, visual day signal, more flares, mini LED flashlights.

BoatUS Dispatch number. PS, they also have a great app now.

What do y'all carry? We are considering adding a waterproof, floating VHF with DSC/GPS. In case the cell phone got wet. Post a comment!

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