Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sunfish Sailboat Specifications

Here is a list of Sunfish Specifications, provided by aka Yankee Boating Center. They have great a great parts and service department, even live people to talk to on the phone. I have bought several class legal sails, line kits and other Sunfish parts from them. One neat thing they will do when you buy a line kit is pick out line colors that will compliment your boat's color.

From Sunfish Sailboat

We bough this Mackinaw sail from them...

From Sunfish Sailboat

and this red and white sail...

From Sunfish Sailboat

and this Newport sail...

From Sunfish Sailboat

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  1. Dear All
    I recently bought a Navigator II 400 inflatable boat. I want to build myself a sunfish sail rigging type.
    I need some information such as:
    - the most appropriate length and diameter of the Aluminium mast.
    - the most appropriate length and diameter of poles (spars).
    - the sail shape and dimensions
    - angle between the 2 spars
    A plan will be wonderful if any.
    my email addresses are:

    Thank you for your kind support

    Dan FIRCA