Tuesday, September 17, 2013

ODay Daysailer Trailer Guides

The flat hull on the Daysailer makes it tricky to get back on the trailer, so we added some trailer guides to assist. Our local trailer manufacturer Eddie English in Milton, FL sells a nice trailer guide kit that comes with trailer brackets, steel guide posts and PVC rollers.

From Small Boat Restoration 2013

The guide brackets bolt onto the trailer frame. In order to get the right size guide it is important to know the size of your frame, the width of the frame and the beam of the boat.

From Small Boat Restoration 2013

The guide bolts into the frame and the PVC roller fits over the guide. These guides are pretty tall, but now I can see where the trailer is when backing up without the boat loaded. Before it was too low to see.

From Small Boat Restoration 2013

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