Monday, September 9, 2013

Sunfish/Sailfish Mast Base Cap

The Sunfish and Sailfish masts have plastic cap on the base that keeps the aluminum from grinding through the hull.

From Small Boat Restoration 2013

If the cap will not go in easily, you can sand a little around the edge to get it started.

From Small Boat Restoration 2013

Once you get the cap started into the mast you can tap it in with a hammer or drop the mast onto a hard surface to seat it.

There is a small pin that can be inserted through the side of the mast to hold the cap in place, but when it fits this tight it is not needed.

The Sunfish, Super Sailfish and Super Sailfish MKII use the same size mast. These are the mast for Sweetness and Zsa Zsa.

From Small Boat Restoration 2013

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