Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Sunfish Owner's Manual by Small Boat Restoration

We published The Sunfish Owner's Manual in December 2013, 144 pages of info with 230 color photographs, featuring both fiberglass and wooden Sunfish.

From SBR 2013

The Sunfish Owner's Manual is a one stop resource for the world's most popular sailboat. Inside there are chapters on the History of the Sunfish, and illustrated chapters on how to Buy, Rig, Sail, Maintain, Restore, Store, Transport and Sell the Sunfish. The Restore Chapter includes Do It Yourself pictures and step by step details on how to conduct common repairs, including flotation foam replacements and rudder conversions. The Manual has an extensive Illustrated Glossary of Sunfish and sailing terms, with 230 photos by the author, taken in the course of numerous Sunfish restorations, for both wooden and fiberglass Sunfish as well as Sailfish. Included are weblinks to top Sunfish information sites, part suppliers and social network sites. There are also links to extended web content located on the author's youtube channel and over 1300 Picasa Web images. The Manual is not only a one stop reference for any Sunfish owner, it would be of interest to owners of other small sailboats as well.

The most entertaining chapter is the Illustrated Glossary, it includes all the nautical and Sunfish terms you need to know.

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30 May 2014: 75 copies if The Sunfish Owner"s Manual have sold so far, new Second Editions showed up today. They include an added boat yard safety section and expanded Resources chapter.

07 Jul 2014: 100 Copies sold!

19 Jul 2014: 125 copies sold!

03 Aug 2014: 150th copy sold! Lots of good feedback on the facebook Small Boat Restoration page and Sunfish Forum Most recent questions are about painting, and that is covered in the Manual.

19 Oct 2014: 200 copies sold!

Thanks for buying The Sunfish Owner's Manual, and Fair Winds to our fellow sailors,

Kent and Audrey

From Lewis 2013


  1. Hi, do you know if a wooden Sunfish mast would fit into an early 60s fiberglass Sailfish mast step? I'm interested in a conversion while I decide if I want to build a wooden Sunfish from plans.

    1. Hi, yes if they are original ALCORT parts then they have the same diameter and are interchangeable. Your fiberglass Sailfish is called a Super Sailfish MKII and it uses the same size mast as the wooden Sunfish. FYI I don't know of any plans for a wooden Sunfish.