Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Wooden Sunfish Floorboards

19 Oct 2014: Here are some details on floorboards for a wooden Sunfish, which are used to keep sailors from stepping directly onto the 1/4 inch hull. There are 2 floorboards, they are 1/4 inch plywood, and they should have non-skid on the surface. The keel runs through the middle and there is a 3/4 inch lip around the inside the cockpit that supports the floorboards.

From SBR 4: Jun 2014 -

The floorboards are cut to shape for the port and starboard side, with two finger holes. There is also a support cleat on the bottom side close to the finger holes that nestles just inside the outer support frame and keeps the boards from sliding. In later model wooden Sunfish there would also be a hole cut out to access the self bailer.

From SBR 4: Jun 2014 -

There are small cleats on the fore and aft keel that captures the inboard corners of the floorboards.

From SBR 4: Jun 2014 -

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