Friday, May 19, 2017

SBR Library

We just bought a library from a boat builder and received the books over the last few days. Some are duplicates of classics that we already have but there are a lot that we have never seen, including one from 1901. We will showcase them as we go through them, add a photo of the cover and table of contents.

We also will add them to our custom Small Boat list on Worldcat, the largest online world catalog. If you follow the link to Worldcat Small Boat, you can review our book list, find a book that you like, click on it and see if a library close to you has it. Read our review. And see which booksellers have the best price.

Today's Classic. The Dory Book by John Gardner. All you need to know about dories. This book was a great help while we worked on Barbashela.

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