Sunday, May 7, 2017

St. Jacques 07 May 17 Transom Quarter Knees

07 May 17:

Started on the quarter knees, traced the gunwale to transom angle onto a cardboard pattern. Pulled transom and gunwale angles with a bevel.

Drew the basic knee shape from the plans and cut out the pattern.

Cut the transom and gunwale bevels onto a one inch thick blank on the table saw.

The transom has extra material on the top so it can be beveled fore and aft to accept the rail cap. It will lay roughly parallel to the water similar to Fred's beautiful boat Deja Vu Too.

We need to check if that is going to look okay at this thickness or if it needs to be thicker like the sheer clamp (inner gunwale).

Click her for St. Jacques' build log.

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