Wednesday, May 10, 2017

St. Jacques Log 10 May 17 Breasthook Cap and Rail Cap

10 May 17:

Worked on the caps today. Creased the pattern paper to capture the breasthook curve for the cap.

Breasthook cap pattern.

Cut out breast hook cap.

Breasthook cap before fitting and planing.

Planed the caps to 5/16 inch. Fit the first breasthook cap to the stem.

Used a rasp to take off a little at a time and fit the breasthook cap to the stem.

Fit the cap.

Used Jamestown Distributors TotalBoat THIXO to fasten the cap. #totalboat

Clamped the cap while the THIXO dries.

Traced forward rail cap profile and cut out with jigsaw.

Cut the forward rail cap in half, so we had one for each side and they could be planed to 5/16 inch thickness.

Made a pattern for a birdsmouth notch just for fun.

Birdsmouth notch.

Fit the rail cap and traced it again for closer trim.

I think every tool was pulled out and most of the clamps.

Everything tucked in for the night. We like having everything on wheels so we can move things around as needed by project.

Click here for St. Jacques Build Log.

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