Tuesday, July 18, 2017

2017 Penobscot 14 St. Jacques 18 Jul 17 Rigging For Sprit Sail

18 Jul 17:

Worked on the sprit rigging, to figure out where to place blocks and how to attach the peak of the sail to the sprit. Lot of pictures.

Edged the rudder with a spokeshave and 120 grit on a random orbital sander. Cut the tiller from cypress.

Rigged the spritsail brailing line. Used vintage Sunfish hardware.

Rigged the upper and lower sprit. Block will lead the snotter down to a belaying pin for easy access.

Bow line and rudder uphaul.

Sprit snotter set nicely.

Bow line and sprit details.

Brail line works great.

First sail went great. We slipped the brail line and the sail set beautifully. While we were out we found out that the rudder and centerboard floated and would not stay down. We also checked several different sheeting angles and determined that it would be best to lead the sheet aft to a line traveler. And Skipper suggested that the tiller be able to move up a bit, so we can duck under it while tacking.

Centerboard downhaul.

Line traveler, the sheet is tied to the clew and runs back through a block, then forward to the Skipper. We also notched the top section of the rudder head and made a pivot point for the tiller, so it can raise about 18 inches now.

Rudder uphaul v1.0. We found that this line was too bumpy and made too many sharp turns. We moved the lower eyestrap to the side and added shackles to each eyestrap. And put on a smooth 1/8 inch nylon line. Skipper still has to give the rudder a nudge down but it pulls down nicely after that and the line is jam cleated.

Brailing line pulls everything snug.

Rudder uphaul.

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