Tuesday, July 11, 2017

St. Jacques Log 11 Jul 17 Mast Thwart Install

11 Jul 17:

Fastened the mast thwart ledgers with #10 silicone bronze screws from below, into gunwale.

Centered up the hole in the last thwart 1 1/2 inches aft of the hole in the stem mortise, per sprit rig specifications. Then made sure the mast was plumb to port and starboard. Marked position of thwart and mast collar with pencil, taped the collar into place. Clamped the thwart and drilled holes for 1/4 inch bronze carriage bolts. Took off the thwart and attached the collar with #10 silicone bronze screws fastened from below.

Needed to trim the carriage bolts, here is our bolt trimming jig. Cut off the bolt with a metal blade in a reciprocating saw. The tip here is to put the wing nut on first, then cut the bolt. That way when we unscrew the nut it recuts the bolt thread. The other tip is to be very careful of any sharp slivers or burrs left over after cutting, we sand those down after finding bandaids.

Drilled a pilot hole close to the top of the mast for a beehole, left room for an eyestrap for pennants and the like. Then drilled a 3/8 inch hole for the 1/4 inch sail lacing line.

Stop knot for the sail lacing and 3/8 inch holes for the belaying pins. One for adjustable snotter line and the other for downhaul. One or the other will be used to keep mast snug in the step.

Log of St. Jacques.

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