Monday, July 17, 2017

St. Jacques Log 17 Jul 17 Sprit Sail Rig Sea Trials

17 Jul 17:

Took St. Jacques out for sea trials on a beautiful day. The rig was easy to step with one mast and one sprit, the brailing line worked great to keep the sail doused while we bent on the mainsheet to the clew. We ran her down into the water, climbed aboard, popped the brail line loose and left the shore on a run. I pushed the centerboard down to find that it popped right back up. Used a piece of line to tie the handle aft and keep the board down. We had a similar experience with the rudder, but there was enough of it down to sail in the light winds. Skipper took the boat through all points of sail and experimented with sheeting angles for the spritsail, found that a block running on a line traveler aft would work. Stability and trim were excellent. We rowed a bit as well, she moves easily under oar and her bow kissed the beach after a successful sail.

The brail worked great back at the beach, we unstepped the rig and rolled her back to the boatworks for upgrades. She's a sailboat now!

Rowed .5 miles/Total .5 miles

Log of St. Jacques.


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