Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Sunfish Jolly Roger Sail

26 Oct 17:

We bought a Jolly Roger sail for the Sunfish VIPER from a big sailmaker who sells them online. We had bought 2 sails several years ago and were pleased with he quality and price. Fast forward to 2017 and the sail we received was of decent quality, with wrong type of grommets and the Jolly Roger insignia was awful. Too small and we're not sure what happened with the application. Luckily it was only applied to one side, the insignias were supposed to have been on both sides. So we peeled off the insignia and managed to save the sail. Cleaned up the adhesive residue with some acetone.

Also bought some 4 oz Dacron adhesive backed insignia cloth from our local sailmaker Schurr Sails and we will make our own insignia.

02 Nov 17:

Transferred a design onto plywood, cut it out to make a template.

5 pieces cut out.

Decided on placement.

Traced the shape onto adhesive backed insignia sailcloth. Cut out the shapes and applied them to the sail.



  1. Awesome sail! Do you have a parrot to accompany you on your privateering voyages?