Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Posilube Trailer Axle Spindles 04 Apr 18

04 Apr 18:

Our trailer builder switched over to Posilube spindles a few years ago, we have them on all of our trailers now. Next time you need an axle consider upgrading, the bearing grease is pumped through the spindle to the inside of the hub directly to the backside of the inner bearing. Grease flows forward to the outer bearing and is less likely to blow out of the rear seal. These spindles are recommended by our trailer expert Eddie English, he knows a thing or two about trailers as he has been building them for a long time and he owns a boat trailer business. We'd also like to add a shout out to our hand model WJ, always trust a mechanic with greasy fingers, 10 of them.

WJ pointing to where grease will flow out of the bearing, so you can see it when adding fresh grease. The hub has a rubber cap to cover this part of the spindle.

Spindle, rear seal, bearings, washer and cotter pin nut.

Grease is pumped through the zerc fitting through the inside of the hub directly to the backside of the inner bearing, through the small hole. Grease flows towards the front versus pushing out the back seal, a problem with other bearing lubricators.

Spindle inside hub and dust cap.

Rubber plug.

Our many thanks to the crew at Eddie English Boat Trailer in Milton Florida for setting up our trailers and showing us the inner workings of the Posilube spindle.

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